Project 3

Together We Can Do More

What is Project 3?
Project 3 is a new initiative that we have create to help us re-endow the alumni scholarship funds and allow us to do more for current students, alumni and future students.

Step #1
Raise funds for the Alumni Association using our Donor Support Program. The WCMS Alumni Association has created the "Donor Support Program" to allow WCMS Alumni to continue to support the school by having as little as $5 per month automatically taken out of your Financial Institution account and transferred to the WCMS Alumni Association.

Step #2
We'll use the additional funds raised to increase the number of scholarships given to new and existing WCMS Students each year. We’ll also increase the dollar amount of the scholarships to help offset the out of pocket costs students pay each year.

Provide more on-campus support from the Alumni Association during the WCMS School year including sponsoring a combined session with all three classes and alumni.

Step #3
Provide seed money for WCMS Alumni events in all of the states that send students to the school. The events can be as simple as an Alumni Summer Reunion Picnic so that WCMS Alumni  can spend a day together and reconnect with each other and the school. Or,  as complex as creating "coaching sessions" where those who received High Honors on their projects work with students in a 1 day session to answer questions and provide feedback to current students that are working on project 1 or project 2.

Why should you participate in Project 3?
WCMS is an organization that helps prepare the next generation of Credit Union leaders and as Alumni it is our responsibility to provide the same opportunity that we received to others.

How do I enroll in Project 3?
Simply download, complete and e-mail the secure ACH authorization form attached to this e-mail and your deduction will start on the 5th of the month following the month that you submitted the form.

Click here to download the Donor Support Program ACH Authorization form